Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Yeah, looks like a motel to me.

No, Frontier... ever hear of
Frederick Turner Mr Oliver?

No sir.

Well, he was an historian.

About a hundred years ago,
he came up with the theory about the Frontier.

Said, the Frontier was a...safety valve for civilization.
Place for people to go,
to keep them from going mad.


wherever were folks, who
couldn't fit in with ways things were...

Nuts, malcontents, extremists...

They'd packed up and head for the frontier.
So America got started.

All the crackpots and
trouble makers in Europe,

packed up, and went to a frontier,

which became, The Thirteen Colonies...

When some people couldn't fit in with that,
they moved further west.

Which is why all the nuts
eventually ended up in California.

Turner died in 1932, so ...

He was around long enough
to see what would happen to the World,

when we ran out of frontier.

Some people say,
we had a frontier in the mind.

And they go off and explore the wonderful
world of alcohol, and drugs, but,

that's no frontier.

It's just another way for us
to fool ourselves...

And we've created this phoney frontier
with computers.

Which allows people to think they’ve escaped...

Frontier with access fees...

What about Space?
You know ! The final frontier?

Ah, Star Trek, that isn't space
That's television.

fine fuckin' frontier that is.

Besides, how many folks can just pack up,
and go to space?

Naah, the frontier is right here.

Interstate 60.

That's why it was put here.

Give people, who wanted a little different,

place to go.

Is that really true Mr Cody?

If it isn't... it should be.

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